Orgveda's WhatSappO Bulk Sender is the only bulk WhatsApp sender
with anti-blocking settings for fast message sending.

What is WhatSappO Marketing Software?

Orgveda’s WhatSappO Marketing Software by Orgveda is a bulk sending tool that allows you to automatically send bulk WhatsApp messages to thousands of customers. It is one of the most user-friendly WhatsApp marketing tools that allows you to send bulk messages with attached images, documents, and PDF to potential clients. This is the  best WhatsApp marketing software in amravati.

WhatsApp Bulk sender doesn’t support sending unsolicited messages. So it is wise to be creative and use ethical methods of advertising to reach out to your consumer base. WhatSappO allows businesses to communicate with their customers easily and in a cost-effective manner.

WhatSappO Marketing Software Pricing is very low. This ensures that the Return on Investment is achieved in a month. This is the  best WhatsApp marketing software in amravati. If you want this software, Contact us 

How WhatsApp Bulk Sender Works?

Import Phone Numbers

Import numbers from any of your existing file such as Excel. You can even copy-paste numbers.

Create Message

Type your message in the message box which you want to send for bulk WhatsApp marketing.

Send Message

Click on "Send" to "bulk WhatsApp" your message to the WhatsApp numbers your selected.

WhatsApp Marketing Software Features

Send 1000's Of Messages

Thinking how to send 1000's of WhatsApp messages? Blast WhatsApp messages to all contacts including contacts not saved in your address book with a click.

Custom Messages

Send custom messages with greetings such as receiver's name. Our latest importing functionality provides upto 15 custom fields for you to send customized messages.

Import Multiple Contacts

Import all contact details from Excel, CSV, TXT files or by copying and pasting.
Check out our sample file to be imported in software.

Advanced Features

Grab Contacts from Whatsapp Groups, Sending Log, Scheduled Sending & Numbers Filter.

Supports All Multimedia Formats

Shoot your messages in any format such as text, images, videos, audios, pdf and vCard files.

Windows Support

OS Supported: Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8/7/Vista & XP.
Not for Android/IOS

"Marketing is not about the stuff you make, It is about the stories you tell; Use WhatSappO to tell your business story &, drive engagement to your content and business."

WhatsApp Marketing Software Pricing


Rs. 999 / Yearly

Yearly Renewal
1000 Messages / Day
Immediate download after payment
Anti-Blocking Feature
Turbo Speed Mode
1000 Contacts Import
Single PC License


Rs. 2499 / Lifetime

Lifetime Validity
Unlimited Messages / Day
Immediate download after payment
Anti-Blocking Feature
Turbo Speed Mode
Unlimited Contacts Import
Single PC License


Rs. 3999 / Lifetime

Lifetime Validity
Unlimited Messages / Day
Immediate download after payment
Anti-Blocking Feature
Turbo Speed Mode
Unlimited Contacts Import
Unlimited PC License*

Your Question About Software

The number of messages you can send depends on how old your WhatsApp account is. If you have a new number, start by sending a small number of messages like 50 per day. Gradually increase it by around 5-10% every day and within a month you can reach up to 3000-4000 messages. WhatsApp will ban your number if you send too many spam messages. This happens if a large number of people report you as spam. So always ensure that you don’t spend spam especially from a new number.

Sending 1000’s messages is very easy via WhatsApp Bulk sender. You can simply import the numbers to the software and start sending it to them. You can even customize their first and last name with variable settings in the WhatsApp Bulk sender.

WhatSappO has a list of settings that can help to send a large number of messages without getting your account blocked.

1: With WhatSappO, you can send multiple variants of messages in single time. For example, if you are sending messages to 1000+ numbers, you can create around 5-10 different variants of messages so that your messages remain different.

2: WhatSappO allows you to import files with almost 15 variables that can help you to even further distinguish each of your messages. For example, you can import a file with a name & number and use the name to make each message unique.

3: We provide settings like the time between messages and other advanced settings that prevent your account from getting blocked.

You can send messages directly from a PC. This software is available for Windows 10 and you can use it on your desktop or laptop. Send bulk messages without any credit limit.

There is a limit to the number of messages you can send. The daily limit is based on which tier your account lies in. Most of the accounts are in Tier 1 which allows your company to send messages to 1K customers per day. Your account updates automatically to tier 2 once you start sending messages regularly and after that, you are allowed to send messages to an even larger number of users.

It becomes a little cumbersome to update the marketing software regularly because WhatsApp does not provide API access to build the software. So, the major disadvantage is logging to the our website and contact us for download the latest version of the software.

Yes, sending bulk messages via WhatsApp Bulk sender is absolutely free via WhatSaapO. You don’t need to pay anything extra for it and only you need to pay for WhatsApp Bulk sender once.

No limit for the message content. You can send any message in any format you wish to.